Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Are you looking to join a team in 2018?
Post your information as a reply here. Team captains look here for extra players or to fill out their rosters. Unfortunately, CASPA cannot place you on a team.
 Thanks and good luck.


  1. My name is Ryan, 41 years old. I have played for many of years competitive. Haven't played in few years. Looking to get back out and have fun. 519 933 2591. Red deer area

  2. My name is Colby. I am new to Red Deer and looking to meet some people. I am 26 years old and a pretty average player, but I am lots of fun! Let me know if you are looking for an extra guy! colbymueller@hotmail.com

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  3. Looking to get on a Monday/ Wednesday Edgar team, contact me if you need another male player at rj.more@hotmail.com or 403-872-0809

  4. Hello! Our names are Laren and Melanie, we are 21 and 20 years old. Looking to join a slow pitch team for some fun and activity! We haven't played sports since high school but we are fit and ready to play! We also like socializing and beer :)
    lsteppler@hotmail.com 403-396-6896

  5. Hey there guys. My name is Mike. I'm looking for a team this summer as well. Rec league, I'm an average player looking to meet new people and drink some beer. You can email me at littlemike2381@gmail.com or call 403-318-5849. Thanks very much!

  6. Hey! New to Red Deer and looking for a team! 22 year old female, pretty athletic and have ball experience. Text or email. 403-401-1704. rpatzer03@hotmail.com

  7. Hello! My girlfriends and I are looking to join a team together or individually. We are average players and looking to have some fun this summer. (Gail Wright) (Natalie Craft) Please contact Lorinda Porter 403-318-2069 porter.lorinda@gmail.com

  8. Hello my name is Kevin Strybosch and I am new to Red Deer and would love to be able to join a team for the summer. I am 25 years old and have played the past three summers. Really just looking to be active and meet some new people. Please feel free to call/text me at 403-589-9894 or email kstrybosch@shaw.ca.

  9. I'm looking for a girl to play on my team for Tues/Thurs games. Please text me at 403-396-6832.

  10. Hey! My name is Kayla and im looking for a team to join! Preferably a rec team, I've played the last 5 years in a "B" league in Edmonton. Looking to just get out have fun and meet some new people! Any night works for me! Please text 587-999-1401 or email kayla_g11@hotmail.com

  11. Hey. Looking to join a Tues/Thurs team that is reasonably competitive. I've played ball at higher levels, but it has been a few years. Infielder (mainly left side of diamond but willing to play others). Text works best 403 357 8925. Thanks. Riley

  12. I'm a 24 year old male looking to learn a new sport! Contact me at 4035962544 and let's go from there.

  13. Hey my name is Dan and I'm looking for a team to play with full time Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can play any position except pitcher. The reason I'm looking is because my team didn't have anyone take over the team as our captain could do it this year. Contact me at 1-587-888-5382

  14. Hi my name is Kelsy and my friend and I are looking to join a ball team this year. we are new to the game but are active and involved in sports all year. available any dates! 403-507-1150

  15. My girlfriend and I are looking for a team. We have little experience but are both athletic and would really like to give softball a try. Contact Melissa Etson at 4033505161

  16. Looking to find a team to play competitive ball this year in red deer. I have played in the Sylvan soft ball for the last five years.
    Chauncey Lee @ (403)396-5076 if anyone has an opening.

  17. Looking for a team this summer.

    Been playing slo pitch the last 4 or 5 years, and played baseball for most of my life before that.

    Played mostly in the infield, though, if needed, I can pitch in a pinch.


  18. Hi team Captains,

    Im new to the area, I'm looking to be a sub/spare for a team in a pinch for players. I work 7 on 7 off otherwise I'd like to play full time but work issues...
    I can either be competitive or play for fun. I use to play up in Fort Mcmurray. I can play all Positions, even pitching if needed.


  19. My sister and I are two good players that are looking for a team this year. I can play any position, and she is really good at 1st base.

    Feel free to text or call.


  20. Hey my name is Blain, I’m looking for a good team to smack some balls and kick some ass with!! Lol jk
    I am looking for a team though, I’ve played baseball at higher levels in my younger years and only played in softball tournaments in recent years due to work schedule but I am available this softball season due to a change in work!! Woohoo!!
    I can play any position, gimme a shout!!


  21. Hi I am new to Red Deer. I am a 29 year old man who is willing to play any position. I am not that good of a pitcher though. Please call or text 306-539-6976.


  22. Hi there,
    Old experienced worn out ball player with a glove almost as white and worn out as him, with a bat that is dictated by the amount of alchohol he consumes. Can play anywhere, any day and would love to join your team. Call Craig if interested at 403-872-2544

  23. How’s it going fellas? Names Liam, I’m 20 years old.. pretty new to red deer still I moved up from Newfoundland a year ago. Been itching for a game of ball since I’ve come here. No luck last year. I’ve played fast pitch at a national team level U21 for team Newfoundland for 7 years until I moved out here. Lookin for a decent player? I’m your guy

    Text/ call - 403-506-2699
    Email- Liamkirk14@hotmail.com

  24. Hey. We have two guys looking for some ball. Devon and Jake .Out here for school. Devon is 34 and Jake 24. Can play all positions .Thanks for checking us out.

    Text/call. Devon 403-477-3204
    Jake 587-987-8559

  25. Hello my name is Jenna and i am a 28 year old female and to be honest I have never played in a league but have always been interested. I have played college soccer as well as competitive hockey and looking to learn a new sport that I can join in Red Deer that could be a fun experience since I recently moved back here. Looking for a more recreational team for my first season. Looking to play any days but monday wednesday. My Email is jennacole.summer@gmail.com

  26. Hello, my name is Will 30 year old male. Can play any spot, usually a fielder and i can't pitch. Gimme a shout if you need an extra guy for your team or i can spare if free.

  27. Hey my name is Micheal, I’m 18, I love sports, played rugby for many years, I would like to join a team or a spare. Call or text

  28. Hello,

    My name is Rita I'm a 58 year old female. I didn't get the chance to play last year but I did play the year before and really enjoyed it. I grew up playing the sport and am looking to join a casual league in my age range (45+). I'm very active but far from a pro just enjoy playing.


  29. Hey I'm Eric, 36 year old male. Played a few years of softball and have been fairly athletic most of my life. Not a MLB candidate by anymeans but would love to fill in as a spare. 587.377.0222